TITAN Water-based white... TITAN Water-based white... 2
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Multi-surface waterborne satin enamel, easy to apply. 2 in 1, does not need priming on a wide variety of substrates. Finishes of great fineness and softness to the touch, great hardness and resistance to scratches, scratches, soaps, liquor stains, juices, oil, etc... Very washable, with anti-mould preservative and very low odour. It does not yellow. Not...
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Synthetic enamel based on high solids technology, special for lacquering and enamelling. Easy to apply, obtaining satin finishes of great fineness, smoothness to the touch and unbeatable lacquered appearance. Resistant to rubbing, scratches, soaps, liquor stains, juices, oils, etc. Highly washable.
TECA OIL (750 ml)
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TECA OIL (750 ml)

Colourless. Composition based on natural oils, which impregnate and protect teak. For the protection and restoration of teak wood outdoors.
Sikafloor®-2020 Coloured, water-based, single component, acrylic coating Sikafloor®-2020 is a coloured, water-based, single component, acrylic sealer coating. One-component, water-based product Good abrasion resistance Very good UV resistance. No discolouration
Substrate preparation / priming

Sika Primer-215

DESCRIPTION Sika® Primer-215 is a clear, slightly yellowish, low viscosity, liquid primer that cures by reaction with atmospheric moisture. Sika® Primer-215 is suitable for application on the following plastic substrates such as GRP, epoxy resins, PVC, ABS and wood Sika® Primer-215 is a solvent based, colourless or slightly yellow primer, which reacts...
DESCRIPTION The spray solution to extend the life of your lines and keep them cleaner for much longer. - AMPERE PROTEKTOR TRAFFIC® transparent varnish is an anti-fouling varnish for line protection. - It multiplies the lifetime of your lines and keeps them cleaner for much longer. - AMPERE PROTEKTOR TRAFFIC® varnish is indispensable for heavily soiled...
Synthetic enamel titanlux Synthetic enamel titanlux 2
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Synthetic enamel based on high solids technology, fast drying and universal use. High hardness and wash resistance. Solid and beautiful velvety matt appearance. Easy application and high brushability.
DESCRIPTION AMPERE TRAFFIC PAINT® PAINT - Highly resistant and highly pigmented special paint for floors. - Resistant to traffic, weather and hydrocarbons. - Fast drying paint. - CFC-free, lead-free paint.
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DESCRIPTION Sikalastic® Metal Primer Two-component epoxy primer for metal and bituminous substrates Sikalastic® Metal Primer is a two-component anticorrosive primer for exposed metal substrates and a blocking primer for bituminous coatings and bituminous membranes. Fast curing, dry to the touch in 6 hours. Corrosion protection in industrial and marine...
Telescopic extension for painting with rollers, mini rollers, brushes and paint brushes Extruded aluminium extruded rhythm.plastic fixed head for holding all types of handles Non-deformable anchoring system with flange 2 sections/max. length 6M
DESCRIPTION Virola photoluminescent spray is a solvent-based paint aerosol composed of photoluminescent pigments that are charged with natural or artificial light, to emit it in total darkness for a long period of time (hours). Ideal for marking escape routes, emergency panels, tunnels, car parks, decorative items and security areas. It is also very...
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