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Substrate preparation / priming


Sika® Aktivator-205 is used to improve adhesion on non-porous substrates such as metals, plastics, ceramic screen prints and painted surfaces
Sikaflex®-545 is a single-component, very low emissivity adhesive based on Sika's Silane-Terminated Polymer (STP) technology that cures on exposure to atmospheric moisture. Sikaflex®-545 is a high initial tack adhesive with high load bearing capacity.
Sealing (waterproofing) accessories and tools

SIKA CLEANER P (B. 1 ltr.)

Sika® Cleaner P DESCRIPTION Sika® Cleaner P is a colourless, solvent based, transparent cleaning agent for non-porous substrates.
Sikaflex®-11 FC Purform® Multi-purpose adhesive and elastic joint sealant Sikaflex®-11 FC Purform® is an elastic, one-component, moisture-curing adhesive and sealant. It is suitable for both interior and exterior multi-purpose elastic sealing and bonding applications. The product exhibits durable adhesion to most building materials. Movement capability of...
Old concrete with new

SIKADUR 41 EF Grey L.11 kgs

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Sikadur-41+ is a thixotropic, epoxy-based, thixotropic component repair mortar for bonding and patching concrete. It bonds to most building materials and has good mechanical properties. It is ideal for use in domestic, industrial and commercial applications. Application temperature range: +10 °C to +30 °C . Layer thickness:≤ 60 mm....
Description SikaForce® 7720 L45 is the base for a two component polyurethane adhesive used with SikaForce® 7050 or 7010 hardener SikaForce® 7050 or 7010. SikaForce® 7720 L45 is developed in accordance with the ISO 9001 quality assurance system and responsible care program.
Extrusion guns Sika products


Extrusion guns for sikafast L05 cartridges
Automotive seals

SIKAFLEX 252 (black,white)

Sikaflex®-252 is a1-componentelastic polyurethane adhesive specially designed for bonding large components in vehicle assembly. It is suitable for bonding coated metal, GRP, ceramic materials and plastics.
Sikaflex®-521 UV is a one-component, multi-purpose PUR-hybrid sealant based on silane-terminated polymer (STP) technology .The product cures on exposure to atmospheric moisture,making it ahighly durable elastomer. Sikaflex®-521 UV is manufactured in accordance with the ISO 9001/14001 quality assurance system and under an environmental protection programme.
DESCRIPTION Sikaflex®-228 is a 1-component, elastic, self-levelling panel adhesive suitable for bonding a variety of materials including solvent resistant foams (PUR), stainless steel sheets, aluminium sheets, wood-based construction boards and gypsum plasterboard.
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