Caulking a deck

Caulking a deck

SIKAFLEX 290 DC PRO (black)

Sikaflex®-290 DC PRO is a 1-component polyurethane based joint sealing compound specifically formulated for caulking joints in traditional wooden marine decks . Ithas excellent weather resistance and is thereforeideal for highly exposed open joints within the marine environment. The sealing compound cures to form a flexible elastomer which allows for a...
Substrate preparation / priming

SIKA PRIMER-290 DC ( transparent)

DESCRIPTION Sika® Primer-290 DC is a solvent based, colourless to slightly yellow, moisture reactive primer that forms a thin film. This coating acts as a bond between substrates and adhesive/sealant. Sika® Primer-290 DC is specifically formulated for the treatment of wood battens prior to caulking with Sika® Primer-290 DC or gluing with Sikaflex®-298.
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